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We are experienced in providing IT related and development services for the construction industry. Our company has already helped some of our clients implement ERP and accounting solutions. We develop smart systems and platforms for project management, estimations, and documents management.


Our solutions

We offer to digitize your construction business. Our developers build the smartest applications possible in accordance with your needs. Track time, keep records, charts, and schedule project in one place.

Construction Management

We develop smart and feature-rich solutions for construction planning and design. Implement concept in the real building with Branex Global solutions.

Project Management

We use best practices to create project management solutions for the construction industry. Coordinate projects, plan, track time and resources, manage diverse teams with custom-designed solutions from Branex Global.

Business Process Management

We build sophisticated BPM systems that help companies manage all business process and adapt them to changes.

Warehouse Management

Benefit from getting a custom-designed solution for managing warehouse resources and materials in the most efficient way.

Job Costing/Estimation

The construction industry is rather complicated. It requires complex calculations and estimations of time, cost, and efforts. We do create such solutions that can do those things in one place.

Budgeting Module

We develop any additional modules our customers require. Budget planning module is one of the most important things a construction company should have for accurate calculations.


Our key benefits

We want to give our customers the best solutions they ever had. That’s why we strictly adhere to your specifications and needs.

Real-Time Results
Our project managers provide customers with real-time information about the work progress and release readiness. You are always informed about what every single team member is doing.
Agile Product Development
We use agile methodologies to build software and manage the entire process. Also, our managers use the latest metrics and techniques to measure the quality of services and solutions we deliver.
Teamwork and Collaboration
We value our employees and do our best to provide comfortable conditions to them whereas they are very persistent and know how to gain the common goals.
Flexibility and Scalability
We develop flexible and scalable solutions for the construction industry that allow you grow and keep working with huge volumes of data.

Latest Cases

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Multi-website E-commerce System with dynamic content configuration based on Umbraco, Magento, Sitefinity.

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